40th birthday collection
Ulrike Haugen Norway Andre innsamlinger

40th birthday collection

Dear friends, I am looking forward to my birthday and to celebrate with you turning 40! A lot of you have asked me if I have any birthday wishes. I am actually a lucky girl and have all I could wish for, and some things I am able to give to myself ;) Having grown up with a father who has focused and is still focusing on research around organ donation, I feel that this charity is the right choice for me to wish for. He managed to help survivors of a big earth quakes to survive after their organs failed and his research has increased the organ donor and receiver age to over 70. You might even know someone who was given a new life with a new organ or maybe some of your family members or friends will be in the situation some time in the future. Any even small donation would be a great birthday presenta for me :) Love, Icki

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3/28/2016 5/1/2016



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40th birthday collection
Ulrike Haugen
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